On March 1, 2018, Mark suddenly passed away at the young age of 40. His tragic death is still hard to bear for those who knew him. Without a doubt, he was a man who loved God, people, and life itself. Now, his inspirational life and memory live on thru the community outreach of Mark Ministries (see below). Your donations make it possible for others to find hope, comfort, and peace thru God's love!


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*Prayer Support and Spiritual Counseling for anyone seeking Biblical answers to questions about LIFE, FAITH, DEATH, GRIEF, HEAVEN, or the AFTERLIFE

*Encouraging Music and Pastoral Care for the whole community including the senior adult population, the bereaved, and anyone needing spiritual support

*Grief Counseling and Emotional Advice for all types of losses in both individual and group settings

*End of Life Guidance and Funeral Services such as Memorials, Gravesides, and Celebration of Life 

*Bereavement Seminars and Grief Lectures for churches, facilities, and other organizations


Community Outreach

Golden Gate Bridge

The Bridge

This BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP is safe, confidential, and open to anyone in the community. Though faith can be an important part of the journey, it focuses on grief without being sidetracked by religion, 

politics, or external matters. There is no pressure to talk so feel free to simply observe. No matter your type of loss, this group is loving, supportive, and non-judgmental. You will find this group to be a positive experience in the midst of your negative grief journey. 

*This weekly group meets every Wednesday in the conference room at Assisted Hospice located at 4450 Westinghouse St in Ventura from 4:00-5:30pm.

*This monthly group meets on the 2nd Tuesday (occasionally on the 3rd), at Ventura Jubilee Fellowship located at 2226 Goodyear Ave in Ventura from 4:00-5:00pm.

Grass and Sea

The Haven

This SPIRITUAL LIFE GROUP is a non-religious gathering of imperfect people in the community from all kinds of background and experiences that are seeking SPIRITUAL ENCOURAGEMENT, PRAYER SUPPORT, and BIBLICAL ANSWERS from a loving, practical and non-judgmental perspective. Conducted in an informal atmosphere, this group is free, simple, and relative. It is a safe place to ask questions about LIFE, FAITH, DEATH, GRIEF, HEAVEN, or WHATEVER you desire outside of an organized religious setting (i.e. "Why does God allow pain and suffering?").

This gathering meets every Monday from 6:45-8:00pm at the Poinsettia Pavilion in the Santa Paula Room. 

Poinsettia Pavilion

5431 Foothill Rd

Ventura, CA 93003


“I Didn’t Think It Would Happen This Way”

It’s so very hard to understand 

Why my brother passed away

How he could leave this earth so quickly 

I didn’t think it would happen this way

He was so kind and full of life

And made the best of each day

He was loved by everyone 

I didn’t think it would happen this way

Sometimes the grief is so difficult 

It’s hard to even pray

I have so many questions 

I didn’t think it would happen this way

Now everyone dies eventually 

Either slowly or in a sudden way

But all grievers would confess

We didn’t think it would happen this way

I believe that my brother is free

To laugh and sing and play

And I know that he is happy

Just didn’t think it would happen this way

I can only imagine heaven’s beauty 

When the Lord will kindly say

Your earthly thinking is over

You didn’t think it would happen this way

So now as I try to move forward 

I know everything will be okay

But I’ll still say ‘till life is over 

I didn’t think it would happen this way

-Paul Lenderman

March 1, 2019

"Grief is the price we pay for love."

Queen Elizabeth II


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Ventura, CA 93005


Peaks Above Clouds


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